Born Again/Born Again

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What does “new birth” or “born again” terminology make you think of in our world? What do you think it meant in Jesus’ mind?

I think that being born again in our world means to have accepted Jesus Christ into our hearts and to have asked for forgiveness. In the video however, I learned that the only way to get to heaven is to be born again. But what Jesus meant by being born again is to have been born again in water (baptized) and in Spirit. Although im not 100% sure this still applies today (I don’t see why it wouldn’t) I think that as a Christian we should all get baptized and have accepted Jesus in us.


Psalm 4

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David writes this Psalm inorder to praise God. David begins by giving thanks to God for His righteousness, and for forgiving our sins. My favorite part of this is the last verse. I have know this verse in Spanish since I was very young in Puerto Rico. It says, “I will both lie down in peace, and sleep; For You alone, O LORD, make me dwell in safety. NKJV” This verse had helped me to not have any nightmares and it bacame part of my nightly prayer. It is probably the only verse that I know off the top of my head that is in Psalms.

The God Who Reigns

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Since we were young and in Sunday School we have adapted to the image that God is s King. Althought He might not have a crown, a robe, or a huge palace, He does have the authority and power to do whatever He wants. We call him a king because He rules over us, others, and the earth becasue he created everything. Man have made many attempts to rule over a nation or dominate the world, yet their efforts eventually cause them to become prideful and ultimately turn their backs on God. Even the most common, selfless men fell into self- destruction and greed. For example, David was just a young shepherd boy when God called upon him to be king, but like all good men in a high position, David slowly began to fall and eventually was punished for his selfishness. He is just one example out of all the other men turning away from God even after all He had given them.  Maybe God uses these men as examples for us showing that the most generous of men will inevitably be shackled to the chains of despair and misery because of their sins, and we should not desire any part of being above anyone else. God which is the greatest, He is the King of kings and Lord of lords.

In D.A Carson’s video, “The God Who Writes His Own Agreements,” he talks about the three ways God is portrayed by people. The first portrayal is like a soft old grandpa who is always nice and always rewards you. This is a false view of God. He has showed his wrath many times throughout scripture and the Bible does not say God is  nice even though he is a just God. The second portrayal of God is a God that could care less about us. This is trying to say God made us for no reason and has other things to worry about besides us. God made everything and cares about what he made because it was good and perfect. If He did not care for us He would not have sent his only begotten son to die for us, give us His word to study and hide on our hearts, or do any of other wonderful things he’s done for us. The third portrayal of God is when people believe in a, “You scratch my back I scratch Yours,” kind of God. This means that people think if they pray and do good deeds they will go to heaven but that is a misconception and a misleading. While God does tell us that we need to pray and do good for others that is not the way we get to heaven. We get to heaven by believing in the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ and placing all of our faith and trust in Him. God doesn’t need us he gives us life. God does not do good things to special people who do more good than others but He is just and gives people what they deserve accordingly. These are three concepts that some people believe in; however, the one true God who is a just God who saves people because of there faith not how much good deeds they do or how good they act.


In Genesis, we meet the serpent who may have been Satan or just a symbol of evil Eve with a question and Eve changed God’s word. He asked if God really said that they can’t eat from the tree or if he was just trying to keep them from being like Him. By eating the fruit they gained the knowledge of good and evil. If we detach ourselves from God then we will have spiritual death.  After Adam and Eve’s rebellion, God put curses on the humans and the serpent. God said that the serpent is the most cursed animal and that humans will always be against it. This is a foreshadowing to the coming of Christ. God uses that serpent in the Bible as a symbol for the devil in several instances for example, when God said that the offspring of the woman will crush the serpents head under his heal, he is actually referring to Jesus crushing Satan and beating him. The woman’s curse is that she would experience great pain in childbirth and that she will desire to rule her husband but she will have to submit to him. One of the first commandments God gave Adam and Eve was to multiply but now because of Eve’s sin, this would become a very difficult and painful experience. By looking deeply into Genesis 3 we are shown the roots of our sinful nature and that when we sin we are committing idolatry. When we sin, we are trying to rebel against God and we put our judgment and rules before his. There is only one God and he is supreme, and the sooner we realize that we can’t beat God and that we owe everything to him, the sooner we will realize the fruitlessness of sin and we will be more cautious to avoid sin and therefore rebellion.

What We Can Learn From Genesis 1-2

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The Bible is a great place to learn about the mistakes of others and to become wiser and more intelligent in our daily choices.

One thing that we need to lean is that God is eternal, the alpha and omega. God is also omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient. He created the entire universe out of nothing by His will. When God made the world he saw that everything he had created was good. The reason that it was good was because God said it was good, not because we liked it or because Adam and Eve liked it, it was because God said it was good.

Another thing that we are shown in Genesis is that God communicates with us. He is not just some invisible force or power, he is a being he communicates with us and he wants a relationship with us because he cares about us. God didn’t speak to the fish when he created them, he didn’t speak to the birds or the trees or the animals he spoke to the humans and only the humans. This is kind of a big deal because we can communicate with God the one who created us, the one who gives us life, and the one who is the reason for our existence.

These are some things that we could learn from Genesis 1-2 and it was very insightful for me!

HABITS by Doug Fields| An Overview

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The acronym HABITS has a meaning for each letter that helps to make your life and your walk with God better. Doug Fields says, “Who you are at the end of your life will be based on the habits you develop and the commitments you make.” This is a great motivation to help you walk with God so that at the end of our lives we aren’t regretting our past decisions. Fields’s acronym goes as follows:

H. “Hang time with God”– This means to have some time alone with God and to read, pray, and worship him without any distractions. You can also hang with people who will build you up with God and not pull you down with negative influences. Fields mentions that by doing this God can change your heart, give you direction for living, and he will be there for you during your problems.

A. “Accountability”– This means to have an accountability partner. With your partner you should meet faithfully, speak truthfully, and admit your struggles. And you partner should encourage you strength and give you a spiritual challenge. Fields says that by having an accountability partner you can have more insight for your decisions, truth to your perception, adds hope when you are hurting, and most importantly it adds faith to your journey.

B. “Bible Memorization”– Bible memorization is important because we are told to hide His Word in our hearts. It can serve us in time of temptation or pain and even if we are questioned by others about our faith. You should commit to a plan of memorizing scripture, hide it in your heart, and apply it when necessary.

I. “Involvement in Church”– Being active in your church is important because there you can learn about God and congregate with other Christians. In a church you can gather together as the body of Christ, seek his work and his plan, worship him whole-heartedly,  and rely on each other  for spiritual growth and help.

T. “Tithing”– Tithing is a way of sacrificing what you have and giving it to God. God doesn’t want your money(because he doesn’t need it), he just wants to know that you are willing to sacrifice what you have for him. The money that you love for offering is used to benefit church costs and growth, other churches, missions/missionaries, and many other things.

S. “Scripture Study”-Studying the scripture is a great way to learn about God’s Word and what He has to say. It can also lead to questions that you may have that can be answered by your pastor or someone of great wisdom and knowledge about the Word. The Bible is practically a handbook for living that can help you in any problems in life or what you should do in certain situations. It also tells stories of people who have failed equally or more than us and it shows how they overcame their problems with faith in God.

This series of HABITS has been great and it has given me much to think about. I enjoyed listening to is and I hope we can do something like this again sometime.