HABITS by Doug Fields| An Overview

Posted: September 12, 2011 in Uncategorized

The acronym HABITS has a meaning for each letter that helps to make your life and your walk with God better. Doug Fields says, “Who you are at the end of your life will be based on the habits you develop and the commitments you make.” This is a great motivation to help you walk with God so that at the end of our lives we aren’t regretting our past decisions. Fields’s acronym goes as follows:

H. “Hang time with God”– This means to have some time alone with God and to read, pray, and worship him without any distractions. You can also hang with people who will build you up with God and not pull you down with negative influences. Fields mentions that by doing this God can change your heart, give you direction for living, and he will be there for you during your problems.

A. “Accountability”– This means to have an accountability partner. With your partner you should meet faithfully, speak truthfully, and admit your struggles. And you partner should encourage you strength and give you a spiritual challenge. Fields says that by having an accountability partner you can have more insight for your decisions, truth to your perception, adds hope when you are hurting, and most importantly it adds faith to your journey.

B. “Bible Memorization”– Bible memorization is important because we are told to hide His Word in our hearts. It can serve us in time of temptation or pain and even if we are questioned by others about our faith. You should commit to a plan of memorizing scripture, hide it in your heart, and apply it when necessary.

I. “Involvement in Church”– Being active in your church is important because there you can learn about God and congregate with other Christians. In a church you can gather together as the body of Christ, seek his work and his plan, worship him whole-heartedly,  and rely on each other  for spiritual growth and help.

T. “Tithing”– Tithing is a way of sacrificing what you have and giving it to God. God doesn’t want your money(because he doesn’t need it), he just wants to know that you are willing to sacrifice what you have for him. The money that you love for offering is used to benefit church costs and growth, other churches, missions/missionaries, and many other things.

S. “Scripture Study”-Studying the scripture is a great way to learn about God’s Word and what He has to say. It can also lead to questions that you may have that can be answered by your pastor or someone of great wisdom and knowledge about the Word. The Bible is practically a handbook for living that can help you in any problems in life or what you should do in certain situations. It also tells stories of people who have failed equally or more than us and it shows how they overcame their problems with faith in God.

This series of HABITS has been great and it has given me much to think about. I enjoyed listening to is and I hope we can do something like this again sometime.

  1. i hate to say it, but you did good javi.
    garrett caldwell

  2. Great job! Good organization.

  3. landonnewell says:

    very good job organizing the info

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