Genesis Chapter 3: The God Who Doesn’t Wipe Out Rebels by Carson | Overview

Posted: September 24, 2011 in Uncategorized

In Genesis, we meet the serpent who may have been Satan or just a symbol of evil Eve with a question and Eve changed God’s word. He asked if God really said that they can’t eat from the tree or if he was just trying to keep them from being like Him. By eating the fruit they gained the knowledge of good and evil. If we detach ourselves from God then we will have spiritual death.  After Adam and Eve’s rebellion, God put curses on the humans and the serpent. God said that the serpent is the most cursed animal and that humans will always be against it. This is a foreshadowing to the coming of Christ. God uses that serpent in the Bible as a symbol for the devil in several instances for example, when God said that the offspring of the woman will crush the serpents head under his heal, he is actually referring to Jesus crushing Satan and beating him. The woman’s curse is that she would experience great pain in childbirth and that she will desire to rule her husband but she will have to submit to him. One of the first commandments God gave Adam and Eve was to multiply but now because of Eve’s sin, this would become a very difficult and painful experience. By looking deeply into Genesis 3 we are shown the roots of our sinful nature and that when we sin we are committing idolatry. When we sin, we are trying to rebel against God and we put our judgment and rules before his. There is only one God and he is supreme, and the sooner we realize that we can’t beat God and that we owe everything to him, the sooner we will realize the fruitlessness of sin and we will be more cautious to avoid sin and therefore rebellion.

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    Good job kind of tough to read but make the format easier. 5’s all around and a 3 on format. YOUR NOT AWESOME

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