The God Who Reigns

Posted: October 10, 2011 in Uncategorized

Since we were young and in Sunday School we have adapted to the image that God is s King. Althought He might not have a crown, a robe, or a huge palace, He does have the authority and power to do whatever He wants. We call him a king because He rules over us, others, and the earth becasue he created everything. Man have made many attempts to rule over a nation or dominate the world, yet their efforts eventually cause them to become prideful and ultimately turn their backs on God. Even the most common, selfless men fell into self- destruction and greed. For example, David was just a young shepherd boy when God called upon him to be king, but like all good men in a high position, David slowly began to fall and eventually was punished for his selfishness. He is just one example out of all the other men turning away from God even after all He had given them.  Maybe God uses these men as examples for us showing that the most generous of men will inevitably be shackled to the chains of despair and misery because of their sins, and we should not desire any part of being above anyone else. God which is the greatest, He is the King of kings and Lord of lords.


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